Unika Stenhus: The Pioneer in Sustainable Stone House Solutions

The initial idea of a sustainable stone house was formed when Ola Torrång of Unika Stenhus worked in Japan after his architecture degree at Chalmers University. He drew inspiration from the Japanese style of architecture with a mind for the energy regulation of Swedish requirements. In 1978, he began developing a house design that would perfectly mirror these requirements.

The first model of the sustainable stone house was built in 1980. Through the years, it underwent several improvements and modifications. In 1988, the first of Ola’s stone houses was realized. Fast forward today, and Unika Stenhus’ flexible stone house remains to be a unique design that has fueled continuous efforts for more sustainable housing solutions.

“Detta stenhus passar inte alla – det är unikt” – As can be read on Unika Stenhus website; This stone house doesn’t fit everyone – it’s unique.


Stone House Features

Aside from the solid stone elements of Ola Torrång’s house design, it is equipped with numerous features that make for a comfortable and sustainable living:

  • Removable partitions – allow for flexible home space that can be adjusted to accommodate an additional room from the existing 7. Alternatively, easily retract a room when the kids leave home. This can be owed to the bearing-less walls.
  • Energy-efficient elements – a ceiling light dome, strategically placed windows, and maintenance-free frame are just some features that maximize use of energy. The light dome at the ceiling provides ample light during the day. With a twist of visual appeal, the mirror glass-lined sides of the light shaft displays the sun’s rays. The single corner window provides sufficient lighting on all corners of the room. The roof traps heat during the day and circulates it back during cold nights.
  • Amenities for comfort and relaxed living – the hybrid house has recessed bookshelves in the outside walls, a winter garden, a love alcove, a fish pond, hanging balcony with provisions for all-around extension, and a romantic sleeping alcove. Some of the amenities that ensure luxurious living.

Beyond these features, Ola’s stone house design is built for sustainability. A house fully made of heavy-duty concrete foundations and a roof with concrete elements that is basically maintenance free – does not rot, burn, does not get damaged, does not mold, non-combustible! Beyond this, Unika Stenhus’ stone house is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. With a clean and simple look with its oriental red tile roof, this stone house paints a picturesque warm façade.

Ola’s unique stone house comes in various prototypes. Adjustments can be made based on your preference, making every stone house a unique entity. However, every single house that Unika Stenhus designs and builds always has the same principle – simple, flexible, and sustainable.

Ola Torrång’s forward thinking has paved the way for better solutions in sustainable housing. Even to this day, his designs are distinctively forward thinking, truly a forerunner in sustainable housing!