The Best Living Room Wall Art Décor Ideas for 2019

Aesthetics and comfort are the defining qualities of a great living room – a room where most families gather, talk and relax after a day’s work. This 2019, interior design goes maximalist and bold and that’s where wall art décor designs are leaning towards too.

An aesthetically appealing living room is not only defined by its theme, furniture and fixture, but equally its wall art décor. If you’re decorating or you’re on a renovating project for your living room, look into these wall art décor ideas compiled just for you:

Gallery wall

In keeping with the ‘be bold’ trend this year, the gallery wall is a perfect example of maximalist wall décor design in living rooms. Make a statement and turn heads with your very own gallery wall featuring posters in various designs and sizes. If you’re using frames for it, you can mix and match frames for that extra oomph! To personalize your décor, pick art pieces that is important to you or that reminds you of something special.

Bold wallpaper pattern

There was a time when wallpapers were stripped off from homes to be replaced by block colors in neutral tones. This 2019, wallpapers are making a comeback – and bold at that! Bold patterns and textured designs are now in, a forward leap to make your living room come to life. To take it a step further, you can work with self-adhesive wallpaper and make your own wall art.

Street photography wall art

Street photography has slowly invaded the world of interior design, part of its influence largely attributed to social media. More and more street photography wall art has graced living rooms as its aesthetics lies in the candid and real life images of a moment in time. These artworks create a spontaneous and beautiful flow that matches a number of design themes.

Play with scale

Small living room? There are a lot of wall art décors that can make a small space seem big. For example, you can hang wall arts up high to create a high ceiling illusion. A gallery wall that extends up to the ceiling can also create a large space effect. A centerpiece wall poster on a solid wall can work wonders in making a small space look bigger.

Mix and match frames

Your wall art need not come in a standard frame. Get creative by using frames of different designs – think wooden frame, floating ones, frames made of moldings. Mix and match to complement each wall art and make an impressive wall art display in your living room.  Do-it-yourself wall frames are all the rage these days too. Wall art does not necessarily have to be framed as well. There are many alternative ways to hang it without frames, so you might consider that as well.

Out of the box wall décor

When it comes to decorating the wall space of your living room, there is always room for creativity. Do something out of the box! For example, frame an eye-catching scarf from your wardrobe, use natural elements in your wall art frame, make wooden wall art, repaint your wall with bold colors, and more. Just think maximalist trend and keep to it. Look around you and let it spark your creativity.

A wall art is an integral part of a living room’s aesthetics. Choosing the right wall art for your living room can heavily influence its entire look. While keeping to the latest wall art décor trends, it’s equally essential to focus on the wall art itself. Artfrill will help you achieve that. This one-stop online store offers an array of museum quality wall art pieces perfectly suited for designing your living room.

With the combined wall art décor ideas enumerated above and your personality, designing a living room with that “wow” factor is definitely possible!