Bite Me: Misozoonistic Advertising

At what point in the slaughtering process do animals go from sentient beings to cuisine? Is it when they appear in front of us on a plate? Or when the muscles, still twitching, are hacked off from the carcass? Perhaps it’s the moment when the bolt shatters through the skull and bursts out between the panic stricken eyes of a restrained cow? Or maybe, it’s as soon as they emerge from the womb and splash on the floor in a mess of limbs and afterbirth? It’s a philosophical conundrum I’m completely under-qualified to answer.

Look at the smiling wankers! They’re asking for it.

Being a veggie in Asia ain’t easy! In fact, it’s makes one about as sociable as a flustered John McCririck. Though, that’s fair enough to be honest. This is not my home, and I am a guest here. Sure, vegetarianism is a privileged western concept that is utterly meaningless to the rest of the world. Yet as a veggie wanker myself, one thing that continues to surprise me out here, is how animals are sometimes seen as food before they’ve even been sent to the abattoir. The cutesy animals that adorn the front of restaurants and lure customers in baffle me.

Chicken Arsehole Finger licking good!

Why do restaurant owners do that? Is it just to be cute? Do dinners want to be reminded of what they are eating? I have another theory: Maybe a smiling pig, cow, whale, dog or whatever makes the dinner feel like it wanted to be eaten, thereby removing any guilt associated with the industrial slaughter of animals. I’ve no idea. All I know for sure is these ads are weird.

Given half the chance, a cow would eat you and everyone you cared about


Aw, how cute! Now die you bastard!


Is that a soju in your pocket.?

Whats your take on this? Got any better pictures?

P.S I doubt Misozoony is really a word. I just wanted to look more intelligent!