Asiapundits.com is an independently owned and operated media collective. Our contributions focus primarily on the general theme of “Asia Life.”  This site will be updated each week with new and fresh stories from all over Asia. Asia Pundits was founded with the purpose of spreading DIY and citizen based journalism to the greater Asian continent.  We want our readers to be part of, interact with and get involved in each story as much as possible. Our site will utilize a variety of mediums and social media sites in order for our readers to get the most out of each story. We will focus our attention on a diversity of stories, as Asia is a diverse and rich continent. In order to understand any story, one must first see, hear and experience all the ideas that go along it. Asia Pundits will bring you those fresh ideas, in interactive webzine form, every week!

Each week we will be featuring quality stories from contributors Asia-wide. We believe that everyone has a story to tell. Unfortunately, with mass media, the message is tempered and tampered with to protect advertiser’s investments and hide government’s abuses. Often times, the messages is “lost” altogether in the blur that is 24-hour cable news. There will be no such nonsense here. Each issue we take on will be thoroughly covered and open for discussion and debate.

Asia Pundits gives our readers what they want to read, without pride or prejudice. We are going to bring readers stories that matter to Asia. Asia Pundits believes in the principles of DIY and citizen based journalism. Our writing style is proudly rooted in the “gonzo” tradition. We do not make claims about objectivity in our work. We want our writers to write about how they see and experience life, without holding anything back for those among us with weaker stomachs. We believe that the truth will set us free. There will be no censorship of  ideas here. We want a broad and open discussion about life in Asia and all that goes along with it.

While we intend to cover the continent in its entirety, at times our reporting may be a bit top heavy on specific countries. Coverage will depend on the availability of writers. We want to cover the continent from a variety of angles and give you in your face reporting from all over Asia, but we need your help. Independent media cannot be a one man show. In order for this project to succeed we need the help of citizen journalists.