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Be All You Can Be
Be All You Can Be

Given that everyone is high as a kite in the expat community in Asia (right?) I thought I’d link to two posts of interest to the community.

Back in the Bad Good Old Days, before South Korea changed E2 visa regulations, there was lots of pot floating around the Haebonchon area of Seoul. Now, not only is the expat “scene” in Seoul boring and just a bunch of hipsters who are trying to find themselves, all the pot is gone significantly more underground. (As best I can tell. I’m not a pothead and don’t really care one way or another. Why smoke pot when soju is cheaper than water?)


Do you know it’s almost impossible to OD on pot?

That’s right, according to a Io9, someone tried to figure out how much of the sticky-icky you’d have to do to die and apparently….it’s almost impossible. Take that Korean Immigration Office!

In an even funnier post, someone from the Atlantic Magazine figured out that people backpacking across Southeast Asia are not doing it simply for self-discovery and being annoyingly cool. Someone, somewhere, is enjoying something in Laos besides BeerLao.

I have to take issue with this:

Vang Vieng is a shitshow though (highly recommended if you’re young and dumb) but it’s also an important lesson for gap year Brits, Australians, and other young travelers: the world is not your babysitter.

I love Vang Vieng  and would love to just live there for the rest of my life. It is NOT a “shitshow.” If it was possible to make a living off being a DJ in Vang Vieng I would seriously try to do it. Image from here.

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