Video of the Week: New Tsunami Video Out of Japan


On this day, Asia Pundits would like to remember the people of Japan and all that they experienced on March 11th, 2011. New video from last year’s earthquake and tsunami shows the chaos and utter devastation as it unfolds. Mother nature never fails to amaze me with the amount of raw energy and destruction it’s able to unleash on humanity in such a short amount of time.

Asia Pundits urges you to think of those that were lost on this day. Also, please consider the thousands more that will likely suffer or even die in the future due to health complications from the radiation fallout at the Fukushima disaster site.

Please also take some time to remember all those that have bravely done their part to clean up this mess and put Japan on the road to recovery. The true heroes are the one’s that never get mentioned or seek accolades for bravery. A year after the Sendai earthquake unleashed its destruction, Japan can take solace knowing that it’s society has too many unspoken heroes to even count. Many of these heroes are still giving it their all, a year after the disaster, trying their best to build a future worth living for those affected by the quake. We hope they succeed.

HT to Tune in Tokyo for finding this amazing footage.


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