Photo of the Day: Chinese Grandmother Uses Sex Doll to Slow Traffic

"That should slow em down."

An elderly Chinese has found an innovative way to slow traffic outside her home, which apparently sits near a busy pedestrian crossing. According to Car News China:

An old Chinese lady got sick of motorist speeding over the pedestrian crossing near her home. Sure police didn’t help so she decided to take the law into her own hands. She tied a sex doll to a tree to slow drivers down, and looking at the pic it seems to work quite well. Granny is in the pic, wearing her pajamas, adjusting the strings of her little helper. Great idea but I guess it would work even better if the plastic chick was naked.

Granny gets an A for effort on her attempt here. She has apparently learned the age-old adage, “Sex sells” or in this case, “Sex makes people obey traffic laws.”

“This should slow ’em down.”


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