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So Many Girls, So Little Time
Girls' Generation

Yes, it’s that time again, time again for On Other Blogs. It’s that time each week when we see what’s making the rounds of other Korea-oriented blogs. First off, our heart goes out to well-known expat Michael Hurt who recently suffered a stroke.  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers. In his honor, we devote this week’s OOB  to his most recent posts over at Scribblings of the Metropolitician about K-Pop.

I only found out recently that K-Pop sensation Girls’ Generation was on the Late Show. Michael addressed the issue in two posts. In the first one, he addresses how the average American might react to seeing Girls’ Generation for the first time.

With the likes of Destiny’s Child, Madonna, and all the other great acts that have graced network TV in general and Letterman specifically — come on, now. I saw Green Day premiere on SNL and was blown away in 1994. I’ve seen a veritable nobody like Sharon Jones go from YouTube hit to nationwide sensation with her Letterman debut, let’s not even get to Justin Bieber.

THAT’S the bar. I know fans are pulling for GG, K-pop people are cutting them slack. But that’s the level we’re talking and whether or not it’s their fault, Joe Schmoe in Ohio is going to be thinking “Why are there so many ppl packed up on that stage?” and/or “Man, those are some babes! They can’t really sing, but man, can they shake their asses!” because — and let’s get 100% real here — they might be “good for a Korean group” but their choreography would have been embarrassing had they been a high school cheerleading squad of blonde chicks from central Ohio. Sure, I think the small stage and its irregular size probably confused things — but it doesn’t matter. That’s how they came off.

In the second post, he addresses some of the feedback he got in the first post.

And to those who say that it’s unfair to compare them to Beyonce or Whitney or whomever else? Come on — somehow, however, GG got into the Big Boy Chair (erm, Big Girl Chair, if you prefer) in the US of A, where the bar is high, where major mf’s perform in that spot daily. You step up, perform, take your shot. And from what I saw, on the bar that either Joe Schmoe eating his popcorn and flipping channels has, which is actually the same bar some hip music journalist in her Manhattan apartment has while she watches the show and dismisses them as awkward, derivative, and a little “off” — they struck out.

Both posts are very interesting and worth a read.


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    Really, don't understant the purpose and consecently how this article can be of any worthwhileness

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